Aga Hairesis is an international freelance photographer specialised in music and events.

She was born on 29 November 1986 in a small Polish town, Lask. Since very early age she was involved in arts, from dance through playing keyboard, poetry writing to theatre. She was acting on the stages of local theatres since the age of 8 until she moved out of the country in 2005.
On the other hand she was human and animal rights activist supporting Amnesty international and ran local group of animal rights charity - Viva! She was also a co-editor and an author of “Nazwa” small punk fanzine with 2 issues released and she ran local fanzine library.
Aga was travelling to hardcore and punk shows all over Poland mostly hitchhiking. In her family home there wasn’t such thing as pocket money. Aga worked since she was a little kid, later she became self-taught piercer and that soon become her only source of income and only way she could afford tickets to the gigs. In her high school years she joined two bands as a singer, a ska/punk band that never saw the light and Biased, a hardcore/punk band that managed to play only one show before splitting up because the drummer moved to England. After graduating high school she packed her bags and moved too. On 21st October 2005 arrived in Northampton, UK and that’s where she is still based.
Aga’s interest in photography began in her teens when she borrowed an old Zenith from a friend. It wasn't until her 19th birthday that she received her very first camera, a point and shoot canon. She started photographing shows at the end of 2005 and fall in love with it. She gradually upgraded her gear over the years to professional equipment. Hobby soon turned into a lifetime passion and it’s now developing into a career. She still has a day job, but manages to juggle it with travelling the world shooting shows, tattoo conventions and other events.
Right at the beginning of her career she became staff photographer and shot many London gigs for their website. Later on she got involved with the tattoo scene covering important tattoo events around the world (Australia, US, Europe) for some of the best magazines in the industry.
Her pieces were published in Tatowier Magazin, Tattoo Life, Rise Tattoo, Skin Deep, Skin Shots, Skin Art, Tattoo Revolution and more as well as featured in many tattoo related books. In 2012 Aga received a "King Photographer 2012” award by Ouch! Expo.
Her photos were also featured on merch and album booklets by bands such as: Terror, First Blood, Knuckledust, Strength Approach and Dead Mans Chest as well as used for posters, flyers, countless online zines and websites.
Aga is a dedicated hardcore photographer. She writes and shots for No Control and she is a proud contributor to the legendary NYHC zine – In Effect Hardcore.

In 2012 she released the first edition of her annual project - hardcore calendar: “In Her Eyes”. After an amazing response from hardcore fans around the world she’s very excited about bringing “In Her Eyes 2014” to live.

Keep an eye on her facebook - Aga Hairesis - for all the latest updates and other projects she's working on.

She has recently been interviewed for NYHC zine: In Effect Hardcore, please head over to to find out more about Aga and In Her Eyes project.